This is the second fictional novel 
of the 'Journey into Mastery' 
1st Edition 2018 Pentalogy Series
"It was the best of times ... and it was the worst of times."
Discover what it was like to be one of the early volunteers in the United States Peace Corps from 1971 to 1973...when a young man right out of college goes to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal to teach agriculture to local villagers. He thought he was there to save the world, but soon finds out that he must first find a way to save himself. He becomes interested in Buddhism and begins to study the sacred teachings. He travels to India with friends, treks into the mountains, and experiences one adventure after another in this epic novel you will never forget. You learn about this wondrous part of the world...and you'll also discover the magic and mystery of Tibetan Buddhism that few have ever come to actually understand.
Note: This book contains lots of scrapbook photos of the author in Nepal from 1971 to 1973 ... much like the ones shown here.
Searching for rhinos at 'Tiger Tops' in Southern Nepal
In front of his first house talking with his friend from the village ... Mohan Karki
Meditating in the Taj Mahal